Shop, Services & Pricing

Please see below for our lists of services, please note that we are not limited to the below! We do love ourselves a challenge!


• Logo Design
• Etsy Shop Packages (Banners, Avatars etc.)
• Big Cartel Shop Packages (Banners, Avatars etc.)
• Store Envy Shop Packages (Banners, Avatars etc.)
• Facebook cover page graphic
• Business Cards
• Blog Headers
• Blog Buttons
• Invitations
• Announcements
• Marketing Tools
• Decorations for your special events (Yes, having your kid FINALLY be potty trained is totally special event worthy in my book--I say you have a party)
• Wedding Decor
• Personalized Artwork for Your Home
• And anything else you can throw at me!

Please contact me for inquiries about pricing and time line as each job is different!